Short description: A framework for assessment, prioritization, and decision making
Duration: ± 20 minutes
People: 0 facilitator, ± 2 participants
Material: Sticky notes, pens (if done virtually, use any whiteboard platform)



You need to decide on the most efficient way to allocate time and resources in order to maximize impact.


Step 1: Brainstorm activities that your team needs to do to reach the organizational goals.

Sample activity layout on an online whiteboard

Step 2: Use voted solutions to distribute on the Effort Impact Logic chart. Start from the center and align with the team in the proper position - left/right and top/bottom. All sticky notes in the top left (grey box) will be the most relevant.

Sample activity layout on an online whiteboard

Step 3: Create an action plan based on your results.

With an understanding of the impact and effort of all tasks, you can prioritize them and determine which tasks deserve the most time and resources in the future.

Why choose “Effort Impact Logic Model"?

The Effort Impact Logic Model brings the team together and allows them to align their goals and priorities. In scenarios of limited resources and time, the Impact-Effort Logic Model helps teams prioritize activities by clearly defining their required efforts and impacts on organizational goals. In addition, it allows teams to assess their way of spending resources and identify ways to reduce waste.

Category: Funding Approach & Process, Identity & Strategy