Short description: A tool to define your target grantees
Duration: ± 20 minutes
People: 1 facilitator, ± 2 participant
Material: Papers, pens (if done virtually, use any whiteboard platform)



During the design stage of a new funding program proposal; or during the audit stage of an existing program.


As a workshop activity: Use the template to build up the persona of your ideal grantee. Take each of the aspects described in the template to write and draw things out. Include details that might not seem directly relevant to the funding purpose, but are essential for developing a well-rounded persona.

Why Choose ‘Draw Your Ideal Grantee'?

This allows the team to see the grantee as connected to a larger ecosystem with a unique background story and motivation rather than an independent actor. A good grantee persona will help the team discuss and test new funding ideas by asking whether it would work for them, or what kind of impact it would have on them and their network, and vice versa.

Facilitation Notes

Encourage participants to think of stress cases (extreme situations that cause unintended consequences) for their ideal grantees. This enables the team to prepare for real grantees’ application experiences that might fall out of conventional processes. An example: A good application submitted by a grantee with a high-risk background.

Category: Funding Approach & Process, Community Engagement