Short description: A quick tool to re-assess an organization’s mission.
Duration: ± 15 minutes
People: 0 facilitator, ± 2 participants
Material: Sticky notes, pens (if done virtually, use any whiteboard platform)



You and your team need to reflect and learn from your own understanding of the organization's mission individually and collectively.


Step 1: Each participant writes down their answers to all three prompts on sticky notes:

Start with WHY = THE PURPOSE

  • Why do you do what you do?


  • What specific action do you take to realize the Why?

and finally WHAT = THE RESULT

  • What are the results of your actions?

Step 2: Time for reflection. Create an affinity map from everyone's sticky notes and identify emerging themes.

  • Is there anything surprising/reassuring about the findings?
  • What are clear/unclear?

Why Choose "Reassessing Mission"

Reassessing Mission allows teams to focus on the core value of their mission. It's a simple and quick activity that doesn't require a facilitator and can be adapted in several contexts such as an Identity workshop or a team retreat event.

Category: Funding Approach & Process, Identity & Strategy

Sample activity layout on an online whiteboard