Short description: A method to define collective future vision and strategy by imagining future news or blog headlines announcing milestones, successes, etc
Duration: ± 20 minutes
People: 1 facilitator, minimum 4 participants
Material: Sticky notes, pens (if done virtually, use any whiteboard platform)



You need ideas and directions for organizational future strategies.


  • The facilitator prepares 3 prompts, 3 timeframes (E.g. 3, 6, 9 months), and 2 scenarios (1 positive, 1 negative). Participants take 10 minutes to brainstorm ideas for each scenario.
  • If there’s time, feel free to add more information, e.g. Where will the headline appear? Who is going to talk about it? What is the impact/fallout from the headline?

Why Choose ‘Future Headlines'?

The predictions from Future Headlines can help your team define and prioritize which strategy and mission to focus on in the future.

Facilitation Notes

  • Providing a scope for social, political, and economical backgrounds might help yield more specific and detailed outcomes.
  • Exercise should be followed up with a discussion within the team to identify opportunities and emerging themes.
  • In a co-design workshop setting, previous applicants and other members of the community can be invited to participate in this activity to help create a shared vision.

Category: Funding Approach & Process, Identity & Strategy


Sample activity layout on an online whiteboard