Building Blocks
Building Blocks for Funding Digital Infrastructure
A set of actionable tools and contextual resources
Digital infrastructure is the foundational free and open-source code that underpins much of the software we use every day. Whether you are a funder interested in starting to support digital infrastructure, curious about refining your approach to funding open source projects, or looking to better connect with your grantees, this toolkit is for you.
Curated starting points of resources and tools, around a unifying subject: Funding Approach and Process, Identity & Strategy, Community Engagement, and Technology.

1. Defining Digital Infrastructure

5 articles
Get started by exploring a definition and overview, as well as four example profiles of different funders.
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2. Regional Contexts

9 articles
Our 9 regional partners’ present research syntheses on digital infrastructure funding in the context of their regions of the world.
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3. Funding Mechanisms

4 articles
Four case studies that spotlight different digital infrastructure funding mechanisms and funders.
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5. Exploring our Building Blocks

14 articles
A full list of tools + guides for current and future digital infrastructure funders to reflect, engage with grantees, hold workshops, and build strategy.
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