Short description: A funding-specific blueprint template to help generate actionable insights on current funding processes
Duration: ± 30 minutes
People: 1 facilitator, minimum 2 participants
Material: Papers, pens (if done virtually, use any whiteboard platform)



You need to identify what isn't working with the current funding process and what will be needed to enable a new one.


  • Use the template to analyze any current funding processes/services or a new proposition. Highlight key resources and processes that require 'backstage' actions in your team, and link these with what applicants have to do and know.
  • Make sure to produce a blueprint for different applicant personas and try to anticipate what their activities and responses to your intervention might be.

Why Choose ‘Funding Service Blueprint'?

Looking at funding as a service helps the team assess the impact of new and/or current funding processes on applicants, staff, and other stakeholders, both at the point of external use and inside the infrastructure involved. Analyzing details of the existing funding process/service also makes explicit what new resources will be needed or how old ones will be reconfigured for a new intervention.

Facilitation Notes

  • This activity can be done without a facilitator however a facilitator can assist participants by asking questions about the process and documenting the answers on the template as they are being discussed.
  • After the mapping process is being done, allow participants sufficient time to reflect on their work. Some questions to ask participants:
  • What have you learned from this activity? Did you learn anything new about your funding process?
  • Which steps were more difficult to map out than others? Why?
  • Where in the process do you (individually and collectively) experience the most challenges/difficulties?
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Sample activity layout on an online whiteboard

Category: Funding Approach & Process, Identity & Strategy