Short description: A tool to visualize the funding processes that an applicant goes through
People: 0 facilitator, unlimited number of participants (recommendation: ±10)
Duration: ±15-20 minutes
Material: Pen, papers, or a whiteboard platform if done virtually



You need to understand and address applicants’ needs and pain points that arise from interacting with the funding process. This tool can be used as an initial research method at the beginning of a user study.


  • Ask your previous applicants to participate by drawing/mapping out the application process and indicating their emotions through the way.
  • Identify the stages from participants’ responses.
  • Synthesize and analyze the emotional development of all participants throughout the application process.

Why Choose "Applicants' Journey Map"

This is a simple and quick activity that helps you to engage more with the community. As an explorative tool, it also provides insight into the current issue that helps shape your research and development plan.

Facilitation Notes

  • This tool is best when combined with Funding Service Blueprint
  • Allow applicants who participate in this activity to stay anonymous.

Category: Funding Approach & Process, Community Engagement

Example: Analysis of applicant emotion journey maps


Mapping worksheet for applicants
Analysis worksheet for funders